Unique evaluation approach - Learning with impact!

The MBA-FSI is designed to be a learning experience that guarantees maximal impact. So, you won’t have any exams in this practice-oriented executive MBA programme. Instead, you will be assessed on the quality of your individual and group contributions in class and the written papers in which you apply what you’ve learned in the programme. Participants are assigned two types of papers:

Take Home Assignment

Home Assignment

A take home assignment (THA) is an individual research assignment that needs to be completed after each module. In a THA, you apply the theoretical frameworks introduced during the module in his/her own business environment. Examples:

  • Strategy analysis of the competitive environment of Bank X
  • Implementation of a Balanced Scorecard in Insurance Company Y

Final Project

During the second year of the programme, you are required to complete a practice-oriented research project within your own company. For this project, you identify a problem/issue/opportunity within your company and elaborate on this using the knowledge achieved during all six modules. The in-company project is carried out under the supervision of a company sponsor and an MBA-FSI faculty member.

final MBA projectThis approach does not only allow you to effectively digest the knowledge gained during the modules and apply them in practice, but also delivers a tremendous added value for the company where you are working. Apart from a motivated employee who learns to look across the borders of his/her own functional domain, the company also receives consultancy on important strategic, operational and financial issues from which it can benefit!

Overall Evaluation

The overall MBA-FSI grade (100 point scale) is based on the marks obtained for each of the six modules (6 x 10 points = 60 points) and the mark obtained for the final project (40 points). Module evaluations are unique for each module. However, in general, you receive marks based on your level of individual participation (activity during the residential periods), the quality of group work and presentations, the quality of pre- and take home assignments, and the results of the business simulations.

Participants who have successfully completed each of the six residential modules as well as the final project receive an official MBA-FSI degree, recognised by the two organising universities at the graduation ceremony.