The MBA-FSI Experience

The MBA-FSI programme is a truly unique and enriching experience. But the MBA-FSI experience goes much further beyond an average classroom/learning experience, far beyond the borders of the classroom!

Throughout the different modules, many different social activities take place giving an extraordinary social dimension to the programme. Networking receptions and dinners at local companies, the social weekend programmes, sports activities and other social events turn this programme into a fantastic, enriching experience. A great alumni network with numerous events makes the MBA-FSI experience continue even after the programme.

Emerge yourself in this unique MBA experience with the videos, testimonials and pictures below.

  • Sofia Insurance Simulation

    Putting theory into practice.

  • Interview with Kurt Verweire

    MBA-FSI Programme Director

  • MBA-FSI in a nutshell

    MBA-FSI Modules combine theory and practice throughout the entire programme.

  • Why choose MBA-FSI?

    A number of reasons brought by MBA-FSI participants and alumni.

  • The MBA-FSI Experience

    Participants of the new MBA-FSI Cohort (2014-2016) share their first impressions and experiences within the programme.